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I’m a software engineer (Payment, Game and now Live Streaming industry), Cyber security and solution architect enthusiast, Google Honorable Mention


  • Behzad Behnamfar

    Behzad Behnamfar

  • pouya litkouhi

    pouya litkouhi

  • Matt Sanchez

    Matt Sanchez

    I'm a Data Analyst who currently lives in CT. I've sought a platform like this to express my thoughts and share insight into what’s going on in the world.

  • Logan Land

    Logan Land

    Exploring the worlds of DevOps, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Programming and other Randomness as it comes to me. Come join me on this journey.

  • Lynn Kwong

    Lynn Kwong

    Senior software engineer and data engineer specializing in Python, JS/TS, Java/Scala, API, ML, GCP/AWS, Kafka, Spark, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.

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